Our 1 year Genetic Guarantee

We guarantee that at the time of sale/shippment, your puppy will be in a good physical health and show no signs of illness.  To help insure this all of our puppies are given a thorough physical examination by  our veterinarian, usually 24-48 hours prior to shipment.  Also to help insure their health all puppies have been given a veterinarian recommended vaccination series for Parvo, Distemper, Hepatits, Para influenze and Bordetella, and have been dewormed as recommended.  

Our Guarantee covers, for 1 full year from purchase, the following genetic defects:

Heart problems(arrhythmias, murmers, cardiac myopathy, etc.)

Liver abnormalites (such as portal systemic shunts)                    Epilespy

Cleft Palate                                                                             Collapsing trachea

Blindness (that is proven genetically related)

Genetic disorders/diseases NOT covered, as they are not ife threatening include:

Open fonanel                                                           Undescended testicles

Uneven Bite                                                              Hernias

Allergic conditions (to food, pollens, etc.)                 Luxating Petella

This Guarantee will NOT cover, and is not limited to the following diseases or condition where all preventative measures have been taken that are possible:

Parvo infection                                                 Giardiasis

Distemper infection                                           Kennel Cough infection

Hepatitis infection                                             Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar)

Coccidiosis                                                       Internal/External parasites

In order for this guarantee to take affect, you must have your puppy inspected by your vet. within 48 hours of receiving, excluding holidays, and weekends.  If you vet finds any fault wih your puppy, they or you must scan and send by e-mail or fax the results to us as promptly as possible.  It is also important that the veterinarian performs a fecal test on your puppy, checking for Coccidia and Giardia, which stress and induce in carrier pups.  Have your vet prescribe any necessary treatments and give any necessary additional vaccinations as required.

If a genetic fault or pre-existing covered condition is found in your puppy, a replacement puppy will be sent from the next litter. Shipping charges will be at buyer's expense.

We do not make cash refunds on purchased animals and will not be held accountable for any veterinary expenses. Certainly if your puppy seems ill  shortly after arrival, take it to your veterinarian immediately.  Stress induced hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) should be check for and treated for immediately.

If your puppy should become ill within 48 hours of arrival, and a specific diagnosis is made, contact us and we will consider whether to replace the puppy on a case by case basis. Again, we will NOT be held accountable for any incurred veterinary expenses.

We void all guarantees if new owners have children under the age of 10 other than for the genetic disorders listed above.

We can only estimate the size that your puppy will be but can't guarantee the size of your puppy at maturity.

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